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26 October 2011


Nanowrimo (National Writing Novel Month) is fast approaching and for some reason whenever I think of it my brain flashes to the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men! scene from Family Guy.

Perhaps it's because the prospect of writing 50,000 somewhat coherent words in novel form in a month will turn me into a wacky waving arm flailing nut.

So, what have decided to write? You would think it would be The Beggar's Wife but lately whenever I think of that story it no longer excites me. I outlined it to be a MG/YA story but at the moment my heart simply isn't into the fairy tale world. Since I am not as excited as I should be, I've decided to shelve it and write something else during Nanowrimo. I might revert to my Paranormal Fantasy idea tentatively titled "Spell On You" (inspired by the Screamin' Jay Hawkings song famously covered by Marilyn Manson).

I guess time will tell and according to the clock on the Nanowrimo site it's 5 days and 6 hours.


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