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13 April 2011

Siren Song

One of my Works in Progress involves a romance so I checked-out "The Art of Romance Writing" by Valerie Parv from my local library. In e-book format no less!

It's full of excellent advice and tips - not for just writing romance, but writing in general. The one that stood out for me, since it is my biggest problem, is what to do with new ideas when you are trying to focus on the "old" one.

She compared new ideas to Siren Songs that try to lure you away from your current work. Her advice is to simply jot them down, file them away, and get back to your work in progress. Why? Because a writer needs to finish what they start. Whether or not the book succeeds, at least you have a completed novel.

I desperately need to put this advice into practice because when it comes to new ideas that interfere with one I'm working on I keep crashing against the rocks.


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